Composition of shower cream and body wash

The shower cream is applied to the whole body while taking the shower. The shower cream gives you a pleasant experience when compared to the bar soap. The body wash is the lotion that can be used all over the body expect hair.

The body wash moisturizes the body extensively. This has also some anti-bacterial attributes. The body washes with a little amount gives the best results.

The body wash is always easy to rinse. We should know the difference between shower cream and body wash for a better experience.

Differences in texture

The shower cream is usually applied all over the body including hair. Since hair is the most delicate part of the body. The texture is very thinner than the body wash.

The moistening effect of the shower cream is also more than the body wash. The thinner consistency is suitable for removing old cells and gives fragrance to the hair. Since the skin of the body is harder than the hair.

The thicker consistency is very appropriate for cleansing the body and removing the bad odor. We must know the distinction between shower cream vs body wash following the skin type.

Differences in Composition

The ingredients of shower cream are very softer. Since the hair does not stand the harder chemicals. When talking about the hair we must concern about the eyes also. The eyes will react to the chemicals more sensitively.

The harder chemicals on the eyes will result in redness, itching, and burning effect. The hair does not withstand the stronger chemicals it may fall.

Some persons may result in grey hair. So the shower cream consists of lighter chemicals with naturals surfactants for foam.

The body’s skin is very thicker than the hair. The body is less sensitive. The body can withstand the stronger chemical. So the compositions of body wash can contain stronger chemicals.

body wash

So the hygiene expert should not believe that shower cream the same as body wash for heal and long life.

Differences in Fragrance

Since the density of chemicals which are used in shower cream is very less. So there is the place for adding lots of natural components for the aroma.

You can feel the concentration of fragrance in shower cream when putting in near the nose. The body wash is less fragrant than shower cream. Because the moisturizing capability is higher than the shower cream the fragrance is very low.

Final Thoughts

Since the body wash is entirely different from shower cream. TH e shower cream will not replace the body wash. The shower cream will work only in hard water. But the body wash works in all types of water

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