How to apply glitter without glue?

The makeover is usually done to make the individual presentable. The makeover is done to the occasion like marriages, parties et.

The makeover makes the individual confident to move to other peoples. Some make-ups are very sophisticated and elevate the glamorous aspect of your personality.

So makeup is natural and accelerates the elegant nature of your personality. Some makeup makes you feel special.

The glitter makes up is one of the makeup which consists of loose glitters and unicorn shadow. This kind of makeup is the occasional makeup exclusively for stage shows.

The glue will not be included in this kit. You must know how to apply glitter without glue in inconvenient situations.

Choosing Eye Shadow

Each eye has a different shape. The skin color of each eye seems to be the same but it is very different. You have to choose the glitter shadow according to your eye color.

The color palette of the eye shadows has a variety of colors and comes with different dimensions. You must choose the eye shadow which complements the glitter color.

The glue for sticking the glitters may be an allergy to someone. The petroleum jelly is the makeup glitter glue alternative which is softer on the skin.

Choose the Primer

The primer is like an adhesive that holds the glitter. The glitter should be in good consistency. The primer should be in sticky consistency than liquid consistency for better results.

The primer should be purchased as branded not an unreliable one that helps you. If the primer has liquid consistency it may spread over eyes.

It may also get into the eyes. The lip balm also used as a glitter glue substitute safely for your skin

Procedure for Glitter Makeup

The skin of the face may support or reject the glitter makeup. Some perquisites should be done before the glitter makeup.

We must wash the face and the dirt and tan in the face should be removed. The face should be pat dry. Use adequate moisturizers around the eyes to keep it hydrated. You should remove the excess oil in the eye corner.

Primer is the perfect solution it accurately removes excess oil in eye corners. We should choose makeup glitter glue alternative which suits for your eyes.

Final Thoughts

To summarize with you have to choose appropriate makeover for suitable occasions. The makeover should be skin-friendly and should not leave any spots or marks in your face. You should use appropriate solutions to remove the makeup.

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