Ways to Use Lip Gloss as Eyeshadow

Everyone wants to look beautiful irrespective of their age. The lip gloss is the sophisticated makeup item. The lip glosses make the color in the lip as a solid texture.

The lip gloss will make the lip glitters. The lip gloss is used on a special occasion like parties, marriages, and special events.

The lip gloss is the key to attraction in lots of makeup kits. Lots of makeup kits companies use this lip gloss to grab the customers to buy. Most of the models use lip gloss as eyeshadow to get the glittering eyes.

Everyone wants to distinguish themselves from the huge crowd. Eyes are an important factor to attract people. People with powerful and glamorous eyes have great leadership qualities. The usage of lip gloss is the best make up the trick to get glittering eyes. This trick will help you to tackle the situation where insufficient items for makeup. You can use the lip gloss the highlighter. We have to apply little lip gloss between cheekbone and brow bone. You can also blush the lip gloss around the eye by pressing gently. For the glittering eye, lids use applies lip gloss on eyelids to get attractive eyelids

lip gloss

Disadvantages of using lip gloss as eye shadow

The skin on your lips is very harder than the eyes The eyes will easily react to the allergies caused by chemicals. The chemical composition of eye shadow is very different than lip gloss.

You should not apply lip gloss as eyeshadow to avoid adverse effects on your eyes. The use of low-quality lip gloss on your eye may irritate your eyes.

The continuous use of these glittering eye shadows may degrade the look. It results in dark circles around the eyes.

The small particles of glitter may enter into the eye This may cause serious injuries. If the glittering particle enters into the eye may cause a severe burning effect.

eye shadow

It will be easily embedded in the tissue. You must seek medical assistance to remove the particle. You must avoid sharing your lip gloss as an eye shadow to avoid infections.

Final Thoughts

The makeup tricks will make you very unique from the group. You must safely handle the eye in using these tricks. You must use the moistened cotton balls to remove the glossy makeup. You can go to the doctor for medical help to treat for serious effects.

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