Applying blush without a brush?

The blush makeup adds colors to cheeks. The blush makes up is to showcase the cheeks as a healthier one.

The application of single color around cheek is the procedures apply the blush make up. Generally, pink color is used as the color to blush.

Because of the natural color of the cheeks in a pin. This blush makeup can be used both in parties with a thick application of color.

We can use this blush to make up informal meetings by thin or gentle application of the color. Most of the people maintain the uniform color according to the lipstick, and eye shadow.

We can achieve a different texture by applying blush makeup without a brush.

Wedge Sponge

brushThe wedge sponges are also known as make-up sponges. It comes in all colors and shapes. Most of the people prefer to egg-shaped. Because the egg-shaped sponge is the very easy handle.

This egg shape allows us to apply the color uniformly on the cheeks of the skin. It is perfect for applying concealer or foundations.

The wedge spoon is very good to apply emollient and dry products in makeup. The cat-eye person can use this wedge spoon to apply eye shadow easily. The Wedge sponge is best to apply blush without brush in a hygienic way.

Blush Tissue

The blush tissue is one of the safest methods to apply blush without brush. This will also result in a different texture.

The blush tissue is a special type of tissue. it is manufactured using paper pulp and a makeup sponge. The tissue comes with a lot of fine odors.

These odors are easily embedded in the face. The blush tissue is available in many flavors, particularly in rose fragrance.

The blush can be applied thickly and uniformly on cheeks using this tissue. Since it is very easy to dispose of and it is handled as single-use. First, separate the tissue into two halves. Apply the color to be blushed on the front side of the tissue. Apply the blush powder in c type.

Using Cotton Pads

Another way to put on blush without a brush is cotton pads. The cotton pads are set of steaks with some mass of cotton on the top. There are special cotton pads are designed only for makeup. We have to choose the perfect cotton pads with high quality of cotton. The are several brands providing high-quality cotton pads. You have to color on these cotton pads that apply gently over the face.

Final Thoughts

The blush can be applied using only special skills to make to look like natural. Since hygiene is an important issue. The brush usage is a very unhygienic method. The above methods will enable to blush naturally.

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