Method To Get Glitter To Stick To Your Hair

Today, getting glitter hair is more trending in among the people worldwide. So, every people wish to have glitter type of hair styles especially women.

That is because; the hair style is created to attract the women. It is possible to avail this hair style all kind of women, especially it good for younger, because it adds more good look for the youngster.

But the problem is someone thinks that, it may spoil the hair roots, and so hair damage will happen due to this. But the fact is, it’s not related to hair damage and other hair problem.

Why because, you are going to add this style occasionally, so nothing will happen as you think. So, you don’t want to worry about it.

Also, this is really gives elegant and trendy look when it’s paired with long bob with bangs. Here are some tips to get glitter to stick to your hair, so continue reading to know about it.Method To Get Glitter To Stick To Your Hair2

Step 1

The most important part of this style is you need to take your partition perfectly. With comb, take a thin partition end to divide hair evenly. For longer stay, try the style on hair that hasn’t been washed that day.

Step 2

Another important thing is based on your hair styles like two buns or an angel braid; maximize the kaleidoscopic potential of the look with bright bobbles. Apply the same rule to securing the style. Moreover, opt for rhinestones or printed pins.

Step 3

To get firmly secured hairstyle it’s time to get creative. Start with spraying a base coat of wash-out color to your roots. You need to spray on the parting line so an old towel will come in handy to keep it neat.

Step 4

One more important thing is use good quality hairspray to keep the style in place but also secure the glitter. Generously spray the hair and apply a glitter powder to the roots while in a wet condition. Use a towel over your face for a cleaner finish.Method To Get Glitter To Stick To Your Hair3

Step 5

Strategically place larger sequins to the wet hairspray base for good effect. But use the hair spray slightly away from the face to reduce the risks and to have more longevity. Mix colors and texture, to get glitter to stick to hair, and avail the bolder the better.

Therefore, make use of this and follow the same steps for even glitter on long hair as soon as possible.

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