Homemade yellow eyeshadow

The do it yourself cosmetics are emerging business. Nowadays people are more interested in cosmetics.

Because every people wants to look presentable irrespective of age. The cosmetics are easily manufactured in a home with a small number of raw materials.

The procedures for manufacturing are also very easy. The trending makeup material is eye shadow. Since in this falling economy, the small business will help you to earn some substantial income.

So starting a cosmetics business is very profitable. The yellow color is prime and it can be easily attracted. The quality eye shadows are higher in demand.

The convenient way is to make yellow eyeshadows at home and make a good fortune.

Making Eye Shadow Using Mica Powder

The mica is a group of the sheet of silicate minerals. The chemistry name for sand is silicate. The mica powder is formed by the deposition of sand layers and solidization happens on these layers. This mica is extracted from mines.

making eye shadows

This mica is to be powdered before use. Mica powders are very shiny. The yellow color mica powder is also available.

You have to choose different colors of mica. Combine them to get different shades of yellow. You must attentively look for DIY recipes of yellow eyeshadow with the correct description to make eye shadow.

Making eye shadows with color pigments

The color pigments will make homemade yellow eyeshadow to higher quality. The color pigment is the powder from iron oxide, etc. Usually, the pigments are solvable in certain chemicals.

The pigments are used to make matte eye shadows rather than shimmer eye shadow. You can mix the color in all possible combinations with yellow. In this way, you can get different shades of yellow. You can also mix these pigments with mica to get shimmer eye shadows.

These pigments are very active so have to mix up with a small amount to get different shades of yellow. When you are trying to mix oxide pigments it is very difficult you have to take two colors one should be yellow and grind it to paste.

In this way, we can get different shades of yellow. You have to use only cosmetic grade pigments. These grade of pigments are only suitable for eyes.

Final Thoughts

The summarization includes that we must choose the perfect recipes to make the eye shadow. We can also use natural products like turmeric apart from the chemical which is very safe for the skin. You must not compromise in quality to reach the millions to earn.

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