Which is a better glass or crystal nail file?

Glass nail files and crystal nail files are the gentler way of shaping the nails with minimal damage. Nail files are mostly abrasive in nature that can damage your nails to some extent.

Most people do not understand the difference between glass and crystal nail file as it is just a way to tell whether the glass nail file is real or fake.

The quality and standards of the glass nail file is high when it goes through a lot of processes that include high temperatures and hardening.

Finally, after many procedures, a finished glass nail file with a smooth surface is produced. There is not much difference in the crystal nail file it is just called that way in the Spanish language.

If we want to understand the actual benefits of glass vs crystal nail file, we must look at the quality closely. It is said that the glass nail file is mostly known for its smoothness unlike the emery or other abrasive nail files that can remove the protective layer of the nail.

The crystal nail file on the other hand also looks and feels the same as the glass nail file but the customers are in an illusion that crystal nail files are much better than the glass ones.

The customers who buy nail files are falsely motivated to buy the overpriced crystal nail file. In reality, glass nail file vs crystal nail file has no differences at all it is just a term to lure in customers.

The lack of knowledge about these nail files has given way to fake glass nail files to enter the market. The distinct quality of a glass nail file is that it is mostly made from Czech glass that is tempered which is sometimes called as the crystal.

nail file

Unlike the emery and metal nail files the crystal nail files can be easily disinfected and is more hygienic than the former.

It never becomes blunt with continuous usage rather it can be used for years. Durability is also not a cause of concern as it is highly durable, and it also causes very little damage because of its smooth surface.

Therefore, it is recommended to do a lot of research on the product before buying it. Do not put your hard-earned money on something that is fake, always buy branded products and do a quality check before purchase.

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