How to do a French manicure without guide strips?

Models and actresses always flaunt a French manicured nails which goes with any attire they wear. It is difficult to get a salon-like French manicure without guide strips.

You need proper instructions to accomplish that perfect manicure. So here are some of the tips that you can follow to get a salon-like finish in those beautiful nails of yours:

The first step

Before starting the French manicure, you need to clean the leftovers of the old nail enamels. The results are better on a smooth surface.

Take a clear nail enamel that can be applied as a base coat or the first layer, do not worry about perfection now. You can apply it to all the nails evenly but not necessarily only on the nails.

french manicure

The secret of the white tip

The biggest challenge will be to paint French tip nails without guide strips. It will be helpful or you to apply a layer of oil or petroleum jelly around the area to be manicured so that the excess nail polish can be removed easily.

Apply a white nail color to the tip of your nail in a thin layer and spread it evenly all over the tip of your nails for the nail enamel to stay for a long time.

Remove the extras

To clean up the excess nail polish you can dip a cotton swab in nail paint remover and remove the excess nail paint near the tip to achieve the perfect width that you expected.

This will help enhance the look of your nail and make sure that you have a perfect finish.

The final step

Apply a layer of clear nail enamel all over your nails to make sure it lasts for a long time and let it dry.

Apply a light color that matches the color of your original nails or a nude shade all over your nails and allow it to dry.

Apply a final coat that seals the color and you are done!

You can also make French manicure strips at home by cutting electrical tapes into thin strips and fixing them at correct positions for you to attain the perfection in a French manicure.

You can save. the money you spend on salons every month for a manicure. The best thing about the French manicure is that it goes well with any dresses that make it worth the try.

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