Choose scissors for hairdressers?

The best hairdresser is incomplete without his perfect pair of scissors. The angle and precision with which the hairdresser cuts the hair depends on the type of the scissor he/she is holding.

To choose scissors for hairdressers it is important for them to look at the following factors and experiment with different types of scissors to get that perfect cut.

The shape matters

The shape of the scissors is one of the most important factors for the top salon hairdresser to give the hairstyle desired by their customers. There are many options to select hairdressing scissors:


It has a thumb ring and the handles are shorter than the normal scissors.


The upper and lower blade do not differ in shape and there is a ring that supports the upper blade.


The straightness of the blade along with the downward handle helps the hairdresser to do sleek hairstyles.

Type of cut

The type of hairstyles the consumer wants determines the choice of scissors and the hairdresser has to pick scissors for cutting hair. Basically, there are short and long scissors.

The long scissors have a length of more than 6” and the short ones have the length of 4”-5”. Different types of cuts need different types of scissors and the factors that affect are:

The right blade

Beginners can start from serrated scissors which can only be used for a straight cut. Convex edge scissors are known to be the best in chopping those locks in a perfect way.

The usage of the correct blade will ensure the perfect cut because the type of blade and the position held by the hairdresser are interdependent. The types of cut are:

Scissors over comb method- It requires a longer scissors and offset scissors mentioned above are the right choice for such methods

Intricate cutting

Perfectly chiseled edges in the hairstyle that is uniform needs a narrow tipped scissors.

Straight-line method

The position of the blade should be perfectly vertical to do these kinds of haircuts and fully offset scissors are the best choice.

Bob cutting

The technique used for cutting bobs also recommends the use of offset scissors as the fingers must not be a hindrance while cutting.

To buy the best scissors online you can scroll through a large number of websites that offer huge discounts on barbering tools. These are some of the suggestions to choose scissors for hairdressers

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